As a Colorado based impressionist artist, my multitude of works play with texture, layering, abstraction and spontaneity. From her serenity to her wrath, dramatic lighting and expressions of nature inspire my creations. Geometric mysteries are often collaged underneath rich layers of painterly strokes, where experimentation and rhythmic patterns will emerge. My hope is to reveal the connective force that underlies all things, inspiring others to find presence in nature and courage to express their own flow of creativity.


In the duality of this world, I enjoy exploring the edge between spontaneity and intention. I often build ordered layers in my work, only to destroy them with random splatters and experimentation.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to know when the train has arrived. While some of those first layers may reveal beauty, I often press on with risky motions, realizing later that a valid destination has already wizzed by. Whether frustrated, or bold, the process ultimately becomes my struggle, my journey, and my meditation. In the end, finding great moments of “flow state” is possibly the most any human can ask for. I’m forever in this process, occasionally finding my peace when the train stops, and I’m grateful for those who appreciate the feeling, the movement, or the visual story that’s been told.

Intelligent design is revealed in nature’s geometry and it’s vibratory fractals.
Octahedrons, pyramids, and other geometry have been celebrated throughout the centuries and something sacred is emerging from the science.
The most basic photon of light is sacred geometry, reverberating from the big bang into our material reality, our music, our sunsets, and our art… The illusion emerges.
The oneness of this expansive and creative universe holds all the keys to humanity’s evolution. Through the maya of delusion, the paths of self realization are revealed, and we have the freedom to follow.

Agency Design

I started FreeThink Studios in about 2003 with a couple of hacks from a design agency in Indianapolis. It’s been running at various capacities for almost 20 years. Visit FreeThink Studios

Creative Credentials

After running my own boutique design agency in Austin TX, I joined forces with People Productions as a creative director in 2018.

Production Work

From video and animation to marketing and creative direction, my role with People Productions has been diverse and rich.

Home and Family

Nothing means more to me than being insular and private with my family at home. I would promote my social media page if I was into that!

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